Being a Solo Blogger Will Make You Crazy – Join a Community

Being a solo blogger will make you crazy when starting out, so join a community!

Most newbie bloggers set up their first blog usually on free blogging  platforms.  Why not, it’s free!

They get mesmerized by all the cool features they can add, like – backgrounds, social media, calendars, followers, colors, and more.

Free is not always better

It’s exciting, I know! You want to share your stories, your passions with the world. So you set up your free blog. And you wait for your visitors to come by the droves to read and comment on your blog posts. And, well not to much action, right? Yep, it’s frustrating and you wonder why!

But, there’s an underlying reason in starting a blog. The rumor is you can make money on the internet. And I have to admit this is true – yet not easy, takes time, and diligence.

So, you write some more posts and share on social media. You start looking into programs to teach you how to get traffic, attract visitors, and you start being seduced by online programs, spending lots of money.

Looking for that perfect blog theme

Maybe you start looking into affiliate or network marketing programs and sign-up for something that promises you millions in 24 hours – really?  And you still struggle with your blog – STILL no visitors or comments on your blog. No one is buying anything.

Frustration sets in and now you feel like giving up.

So. What’s the #1 action to take as a  new blogger tomorrow or right now?

Join a blogging community.

Why? Because you make instant connections. And if the blogging community believes in reciprocal action – meaning, you comment on my blog and I return the favor and comment on yours. It’s a win/win.

This is important because the more engagement you have on your blog the higher your ranking on the search engines.

And, speaking of ranking, here’s something you need to know. If you have a free blogging platform, 2 things:

  1.  Your blog is OWNED by the company who’s given you a free blog. If that company goes out of business – there goes your blog
  2. If you’re interested in your website ranking, it will only be the COMPANY ranking you see, not your blog because it’s actually a “Sub-domain” of the company’s platform

Now, let’s talk money.

I know this is most likely something a new blogger is thinking about. And why not – the rumor is true! Wouldn’t it be nice, heck nice – AWESOME to get paid for your blogging  efforts?

If you’re a new or even a seasoned blogger why not join a blogging community that gives you –

  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Visibility
  • Education
  • Support
  • And Pay!

Going solo online can make you miserable. Join a blogging community that can help you reach your goals from the very start.

Lesly Federici






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