Alright. You’re online.

You have a website .  You want to promote what you offer and make money online.  And you’re looking for programs to do this with, right?

I’ve used many programs, spent lots of money over the years, and finally whittled it all down to just what I need, like the best based on my goals – what I want to achieve online. You don’t need everything.

What Are Your GOALS?

  • Promote products (Funnels)
  • Build a list (Funnels)
  • Sell products and programs (Funnels)
  • Make money (Merchant account)
  • Help others (Social Media)
  • Connect with others (Auto-responder)
  • Create and teach a course

There is a SEA of products that do similar things and this is where you’ll want to explore. BUT be prepared to spend money trying them out if you go that route.

So here’s what I use. If you have questions, just reach-out to me, and I’ll answer.

First, think about what you need as far as programs to help build your presence and business online based on your goals.

1. Blogging Platform and Hosting

If you’re just starting out with blogging – never had one before, I recommend  signing- up for a free blog at Here you will learn how to use the platform, build your knowledge and skills at having a blog. This is a great platform to “play” with and not be challenged financially.

If you’re really serious about blogging, then  owning your blog is a good investment. Because you own it, you can posts anything you want on it – which you can’t do on free blogging platforms.

You’ll need to invest in a hosting company for your blog. There are many hosting companies out there… be careful, some will “nickle and dime ” you for additional services that they say you need but really don’t.

I’ve been using Dreamhost since 2005. They are straightforward, good support and service. They never crashed at any time and they’ve always responded to any problems I’ve had. You pay them annually and fee will depend on the service you get. I have a private server so it costs more.

2. Email/Auto-responder Program

I have tried a few email programs … and stuck with Get Response. I LOVE Get Response! They are always updating there services and offer educational marketing videos. They have landing pages, a webinar platform, surveys, RSS feed, and creative web forms. The monthly service depends on the size of your email list. The fee increases as your email list grows by size.

3. Funnel programs

I recommend 2 options. Both are affiliate opportunities which is good because – you need a funnel program to promote your products or services and this is income for you too if you become an affiliate and promote them!

One is Instabuilder which is a plugin. It’s easy to use. Pages are already designed and you can change the color, text, images, layout, add video., etc. I use this often.

The other is ClickFunnels, which is an all-in-one platform with an auto-responder, surveys, and a blog platform as well. This is a good investment too to build a blog here instead of going the hosting route. This program is easy to use, and has educational tutorials to guide you. What I like about Clickfunnels is it’s actually creative – meaning you can design any kind of funnel you need.

Also hear information about Clickfunnels on this webinar that you can watch today.

I have to be honest here – sometimes what you don’t know can backfire on you in a way that makes you realize how judgmental you are. I’ve known about Clickfunnels for years and thought it was just another hyped program to get you to buy it. I’ve changed my mind because I took a second look and learned about it and see it’s a necessary tool to use if you want to promote or sell anything online. So reserve judgement and explore. Also, they provide the BEST education on marketing online.  If you have questions contact me.

4. Video Creation and Storage

Video Maker FX – I love this program because  it has numerous, remade videos you can edit. I use this program a lot to create intros and outros for my videos.

Camtasia – for video creation and editing

5. Graphics



Sqribble – EBook Creator. I use this program to create the monthly PAC LIFE Magazine

6. Webinar Solutions


Keep checking back as I’ll be adding or removing product suggestions.

Lesly Federici