The Blog That Unknowingly Chased Viewers Away

The Blog That Unknowingly Chased Viewers Away

The Blog That Unknowingly Chased Viewers away. Learn How to Visually Engage your visitors So They Stay.

Even if you love what I’m about to discuss, you have to remember the world can see you – it’s global being on the internet. What kind of visual impression do you want to make to your potential audience?

I remember when I was in 7th grade towards the end of the school year – it was warm. My girlfriends waited for me outside as I scrambled to finish getting my stuff together. I ran out the door to meet them.

“Why are you wearing wool knee socks, it’s hot out!” my friend said to me. Yep, there I was in a green, cotton shirt dress and wool, navy blue, textured knee socks. I have no idea what I was thinking then (Except I thought I looked cool) – but I do know I wanted to “Fit in” with the stylish “Click” of other girls at school. I just didn’t know at the time what was considered stylish. So, the impression other kids got of me at school well …. was I’m awkward, goofy, even nerd-like. Certainly not very fashion conscious at the time.

Your blog’s visual appearance matters .  It only takes a second for “First impressions” to manifest in a viewer’s eyes to stay or flee …

You’re excited to have a blog, I get that. The internet is a whole different world with so many opportunities.

You have so much knowledge to share with others and eager to do so with the content on your blog. But, you don’t want to wear wool socks in the summer because YOU like it. No, you don’t want to blast your potential viewers with bold visuals, color selections (which YOU personally like), but chase your viewers away because they can’t understand your website.

It’s often ignored that the visual presentation of a blog matters, its design, the layout, colors, easy navigation ALL matter. Yes , the content is VERY important. That’s the knowledge you’re sharing and you want it to stand out! But if a viewer can’t read the content because of visual distractions, well, simply put – you’ll get a “Yech” instead of an “Awesome” response and they’ll move on.

Looking for that perfect blog theme

So here’s an example below, shared with respect to the blog owner.

Notice, the content is helpful – that’s what you want, helpful, useful content. But it’s SO hard to read. The background is dark and the text color clashes with the background making it visually hard to read. It “Shocks” the eyes – to distracting.

The Author wants to highlight areas of interest. But I think the color choices are ones THEY like. The viewer is not considered. And that is the most important factor in having a blog – it’s for the viewer and  how they experience being on any blog.

The Blog That Unknowingly Chased Viewers Away
Image from

What changes to make?

  • Choose a light background: White or a soft gray. Even a very light pastel color where you see a deep red. in the image above.
  • Choose black text on a light background where the content is instead of black. Or use white text on black.
  • There are 4 colors used in this post image. It’s best to be consistent and use one – two color choices throughout the blog for congruence – meaning the blog has the same style and “feel” on each page and post.
  • Enlarge the text to make it easier to read – size 14
  • Make the content stand out by reducing the visual distractions  – in this case it’s the use of color. The colors are the main focus, not the content.

It’s challenging to make the shift from doing what you like to thinking about your audience  – what THEY may like or need as a viewer. But one that the search engines are looking for: Quality content and quality user experience (UX). The more you understand UX and apply it, your blogging efforts will be more rewarding.

Always think about your own experiences online or off. What did you like about service in a restaurant? The stores you shop in. What about the buying experiences you have online? The more you think about “experiences” and how you react to them, good or bad,  will help you shift to exploring what your audience may experience on your website.

So. Improve the visual presentation of your blog – get rid of the distractions, and you’ll improve “First Impressions”. Viewers will READ the content on your blog instead of fleeing.


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