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The Deliciousness of Adjectives

The deliciousness of adjectives can turn your content into drooling readers wanting more. It’s true. How? Well, one needs to know what an “Adjective” is first. An adjective is a word that describes a noun in a sentence. So not to get to involved with grammar, here’s an example because …

Your Blog Has Hidden Talents

Your blog has hidden talents – meaning you can do more with it besides writing posts. With a blog theme that has custom sidebars, you can create workshops or courses on your own blog. Why pay to have your course on another platform when with a little effort you can …

Do Your Thing Your Way

Do your thing your way – it’s what matters most. I have gathered an internet philosophy over the years that resulted from growing up with the “web”. As people were trying to figure it out, I pretty much decided it was best to “do your own thing” because there were …
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