Create Your Course

Creating your own course, promoting it, and getting “Students” is trending a lot on the internet now.

There are MANY course creation platforms available which can be costly to you – to set up your course.

This is why I fooled around with the idea of creating your own course – on your personal blog! Yes, because why should I pay a monthly fee to another company, not have any restrictions in creating it, when I can do it on my blog.

Does it have all the fancy stuff another course platform may have? Maybe not. But, it’s mine to alter, enhance, or delete as I wish – no third party. This course will give you two options – one using  your blog sidebars and the other using Learn Press.

Also, no cost to you. Do you have to have a landing page? maybe. You can use your blog for that as well. So in effect, I’ll be teaching you the basics of how to set up your own course on your website, the tools you’ll need, and suggestions on content. But it will be up to you to plan and set it up.

Sound good?  Where can I send you “Your Course” news?



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