How to Create a Digital Magazine

How to Create Your Own Digital Magazine

Have you ever wondered how to create your own digital magazine?

Why would you want to?

Because it’s an opportunity to share what you know in a unique way, standout from all the noise on the internet, and help your audience. Plus, gives your viewers an extension of you in a direct, creative way.

You might feel a bit shy about this idea, but don’t. You have lots to share and content to share as well.

Content? Yes.

Before I go into content, I want you to know how darn EASY it is to create your own digital magazine these days. Self-publishing has never been easier and because it’s so accessible the opportunities and how-to’s are numerous!

Looking for that perfect blog theme

The Artistic Way to Marketing Digital Magazine

What can you do with your own digital magazine?

  • Sell it on Amazon as a Kindle ebook
  • Sell as a subscription to help monetize your website
  • Offer it as an email list op-tin offer
  • Send it as a monthly perk to your email list (that’s what I do)

And, you don’t need a “Magazine Publishing platform”. Nope. You can create it all by yourself and reap the benefits without paying a third party to create it.

So let me share with you how  I create my own digital magazine – “The Artistic Way to Marketing Online”. Click on the image to receive monthy issues

The Artistic Way to Marketing Digital Magazine


First, I have a paid monthly subscription to Canva. It’s worth it because of all the options they give you.

Notice in the image below I’ve chosen a “Magazine” template. On the left side you’ll see all the creatively designed templates you can choose for your magazine pages. You can edit them anyway you like – colors, font, etc.


My Digital Magazine


Second, after my pages have been created to my satisfaction, I download it as a PDF – very important. I save it to a file just for my magazines so I know where to find it.

Then I upload it to BOX . This is such a great service to store any digital content, (no, not an Affiliate). Because, this is where I get a “Share Link” which is private so my viewers can have instant access to the magazine. Personally, I’ve been with BOX since 2007 – I think, and I believe better than Dropbox.

There is another program you can use too. This is Sqribble  an ebook creation software program.

This also uses PDF file formats. What I like about this program is you can create FLIP books. With a simple link you can embed on your website.

Creating a Digital Magazine


So that’s the mechanics.

Let’s discuss style and your favorite – content, right?

Now, I love magazines. I get several delivered to my home monthly: Journaling, Decor, Women’s Health, Gardening, and Success. I love them because they’re a quick read, filled with interesting articles and images. And, I love them because they’re fantastic resources for design layouts, images, fonts, colors, headlines, and topic ideas. 


You must know any viewer online, including myself, are SCANNERS.  The attention span of viewers these days is by now a nano second, yes? Which means your magazine content has to be short and to the point.

I only use one topic per page – that’s it. I want my digital magazine to be easy to read, a quick read, specific, and attractive to look at, as well as USEFUL to readers.

This is good because I don’t need to create pages devoted to a topic. I use the blog for that, right?

So this makes it easier to find content that is relevant to YOU, your readers, and what you promote on your blog.

For example.

I’m a blogger – yes. But I’m also an artist. So I like to share creative information that bloggers can use, like this article.  I share “tidbits” on blogging with a creative touch.

So, think about what your blog is about, and how you can create a digital magazine that’s helpful to viewers,  to enhance you and your website.


Promotion like any thing else online takes time and daily attention. If you have an email list promote it there, on Facebook, social media.  Create posts about it and share. Announce it on your blog.

Promotion today is all about helping people – not so much with advertising.

Creating a digital magazine can be fun, informative, useful, and helpful to your audience. And it can GROW with subscriptions or sign-ups because it’s unique – just like you.

So send me a copy!

PS: Get your free monthly subscription here


How Can I Create My Own Digital Magazine?

There are many platforms that will do this for you and charge a monthly fee. But you can create one, on your own using tools that are easy to use and promote on your website. Read more here:

What Tools Can I use?

Canva for one, is an excellent graphic program which has numerous magazine templates you can use and customize. There is a reasonable monthly fee but worth it.

How Would I Promote My Digital Magazine?

Once you finished creating your magazine, download it as a PDF. Then upload it to a service that stores your documents like They'll provide you with a private link to share which you can use to send to your email list. Or offer as a lead magnet to attract visitors to opt-in to your list ....

Why Should I Create My Own Digital Magazine?

Because you're unique. There's no one like you on the planet. Creating your own digital magazine is a way to stand out and attract visitors to your website.

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