You, If You're Here,  want to start a family ...

Oh how EXCITING, right?

You know when your mom had you - x years ago, things were so different. You were lined up in the hospital's nursey with all the other babies.

Your mom most likely didn't get to hold you in her arms right when you were born or breastfeed you. Actually breastfeeding was kind of "Poo-pooed" in her day. Unless she was a breastfeeding activist! 

Yea, things were different in her day. What's NOT changed is the process of childbirth.  What has changed is how we now assist expectant women to cope with childbirth instead of focusing on "Pain" because it's so varied. And sharing evidenced based research to arm you with choices and decisions - getting the current, "inside" scoop.

Here's the challenge: Coping with labor. Coping comes from within you. Are you ready for the most memorable moment in your life? I'm right here with you ....

Just look at this little one below ... sweet ...

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About This Class

How can this class ease your anxiety and fears about childbirth.

Let's discuss ...

Because couples that take a childbirth class are more prepared and at ease than those that don't. It's good for expectant fathers as well because many men do not understsand what labor actually is and how a woman's body works - they develop betting understanding. For moms-to-be they get the TRUTH about what labor entails and how to manage it. It's NOT like what's in the movies ....

Labor is all about the contractions. So when you learn how they work and build with momentum over time, you'll be less fearful towards them. They are part of you, it's your body and your body is not out to get you!

Well, aside from the obvious ... but sex is physical, right? Most people do not research sex online before they experience it. It's a natural, normal experience. Childbirth is a physical experience too.  You can't practice it and all the information you read online or off, all the stories you hear about labor, will NOT help you in the labor room. Simply because it's your body, no one elses. So, you have to come to terms with your upcoming birth expereince. This class with help you.

You may not remeber right away other challenges you've had in your life. Ones that cultivated a deep inner strength, a quiet confidence  that emcompasses all you've achieved. It's there. Tap into it. It's powerful. We'll explore it.

Celebrating what you achieve and the birth of your baby will enter a new phase in your life. There will be lots to celebrate.

Now, I know life is crazy. No time to sit down in a classroom to learn and prepare for childbirth.

What if you could get all the RIGHT information to prepare for the birth of your babty online. Would that interest you?

Learn when you can on your own time. You set your schedule

One-on-one supportive discussions with a Labor and Delivery RN

Hands on exercises and training in coping methods for labor pain management

Great Stuff Waiting For You

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