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How New Actions Expand Knowledge And Wisdom

How New Actions Expand Knowledge And Wisdom, you just have to do it.

During the current atmosphere of the world, of COVID-19, it’s forcing new human behaviors. And if you have a business it’s forcing new ways to build, connect to customers, and promote.

The internet has been around for years, earlier than 1996, and it’s “Matured” over the years in response to human interest and use. Today it IS the way of everyday living in some form.

Connecting with others online is now mainstream. With brick and mortar businesses threatened by the virus and social distancing created huge challenge with business promotion.

There’s an intense need to change how we do things now and the digital world is more prevalent than ever. It has become the way to connect, to learn, to promote, to build a business.

It’s time to build something new.

It’s time to rethink what we’ve done and create something new.

Connecting with others online is the standard now and using  social media is the method to use.

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Along with connecting more to others through social media online, opens a new demand for teaching online. And this, I believe is the path to building relationships and a business online.

Building a presence online can reap benefits for a business and personal relationships.

BUT – it requires a shift in mindset.  How you can help others, teach something that will add value to their lives comes first before product.

Take what you know and teach it online. Share your knowledge.

Now, I know you may shudder at this idea because it requires being seen online through video. It requires learning and using technology. Yes, this is required. There’s always a learning curve with anything new and then it’s mastered.

I am exploring this myself – now:

Learning Event
Sign-up here: https://artles-2d599.gr8.com/

I had to figure out what webinar program to use and how to use it. I chose Get Response webinars instead of Zoom. I then had to:

  • Create a power-point presentation
  • Figure out how to upload it to
  • How to connect the webinar to Facebook Live
  • What to discuss
  • And developing a mindset of “DO IT” because I will learn from it and get better at it

Yes, overwhelming at first. Yet, I’m confident that it will all workout. The important thing is I’m doing it. Taking the plunge to build a presence online in a “physical” way – a digital physical way.

So. How New Actions Expand Knowledge And Wisdom

Dive in to new digital experiences. Write that ebook. Create that podcast. Do a webinar. You’ll grow beyond the current “Fear” states of mind because of Covid-19. Life goes on, right?

Below are some current facts about shopping human behaviors.


online shopping statistics


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