Review of Russell Brunson’s One Funnel Away 30 Day Challenge

Review – 30 Day Challenge

In nursing school, I learned about the 9 physiological systems in the human body. They are: Skin, endocrine, circulation, muscular, skeletal, digestion, central nervous system, reproduction, and cellular structure. Learning them individually was overwhelming – the intricacies of their functions. Yet when understood I could see how these systems worked together to form a smooth operating, physical machine – that’s truly amazing, right?

Now shifting my intellect from the clinical side of life to internet marketing has been quite a stretch and a long journey, years in fact, with one simple curiosity: How the heck do I monetize my blog? And a “Funnel”? What’s that! Although I did have a clue because I’d been seduced by them numerous times purchasing products online.

So, when the One Funnel Away 30 Day Challenge passed by my eyeballs, I grabbed it. For $100.00 investment it would be okay if the program turned out to be crap, over hyped, and little on the promise it made. Disappointment would be mild and not a huge financial loss like I’ve experienced in the past.

Well, here I was watching daily, Russell, Steve, Julie, and Shawn’s videos, taking notes, printing out the daily homework worksheets – I had so may papers I had to create a binder to keep it all together in one place! I thought “Oh man, THIS is serious stuff! I better organize it!” On top of that, having a 14-day free trial of the ClickFunnels program to try, plus watch the “Funnel Builder” course videos… and … and… my head was spinning. This challenge held my attention and commitment to learn more.

Review Russell Brunson

I haven’t felt this engrossed or captivated by any internet educational program – ever.  It reminded me of nursing school. That’s how rich the information is that Russell provides. What made it more worth while was the emphasis on “NO FOOLING AROUND”, expectations to DO what I learned – which is the best way to reinforce and retain information.

Looking for that perfect blog theme

Like nursing school where I learned about the physical systems of the human body, I can confidently say I learned the anatomy of a funnel and the “art” of doing business, which anyone online needs to embrace.

So, if I broke down the challenge into systems, here’s what they are – there are 5: Preparation, Concepts, buying psychology, funnel anatomy, and disseminate. And one constant theme through it all – take action.

The 5 Systems:

  1. Preparation: Spending a week on building self-confidence, personal belief in your own success, and getting to know Russell, his story and background contributed to positive anticipation of the challenge. Exploring your fears and strengths was insightful.
  2. Concepts: “Confused minds don’t buy”. “You can’t be the lowest, there is no strategic advantage to being “second” cheapest. Perceived value, storytelling, creating your “Origin” story. The 9 steps in creating an origin story. What customers respond to. What is a hook and where to find them. More than I can share here. This is just a taste.
  3. Buying Psychology: Offer sequences. The power of bonuses. The “Hook, Story, Offer” system.
  4. Funnel Anatomy: Content placement, structure and layout, graphic resources, the “Ad Bump”, congruency of message and funnel design. Outsourcing and more.
  5. Disseminate: Getting the word out – 3 types of generating traffic. Dream 100. Researching and contacting influencers. Best practices for relationship building.

This is just SOME of the content shared by Russell, Steve, Julie, and Shawn – you can tell the amount of time and effort they put into creating this quality, one-of-a-kind challenge.

I can only, honestly say now – It was the best internet training I’ve  ever experienced, it’s elevated me.

Should this challenge ever come your way – GRAB IT!


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