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Hey there .. let me just thank you for your curiosity in learning more about me (Lesly Federici) and viewing my website!

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I am by trade – a Registered Nurse (specialty – Labor and Delivery). I’m also an artist, writer, editor, and creator of the PAC Life Magazine. I have many interests too, so you’ll see topics on health, meditation, affiliate marketing, funnel building, even childbirth education – all on one site! I believe in having just ONE website for sanity and clarity!

Why am I online? Great question.

I’ve actually been online since 1998 – hard to imagine, but true. Things were very different back then. For instance, you had to know html code to create a decent looking website. A static one at that – meaning social media did not exist!

I “Grew-up” with the internet and today, creating a blog is so easy! Whew, thank goodness you don’t have to go through what I did – if you’re interested in having a blog.

And, the internet is morphing again – especially websites. The website as we know it is changing towards “Funnels”. This is important especially if you want to sell things online.

I’m still here, learning what’s next and being an entrepreneur, just like you.

Many people, maybe even you, had another career, are reaching retirement age, but you still need an income.  Is that you? That’s me too.  And, I LOVE being online, sharing what I’ve learned over the past several years from others, and building my own websites. Going from newbie to a seasoned blogger and earning an income online.

I hear this all the time about people in various careers, changing their professions and looking to the internet for opportunities to replace there “reality jobs” – and there are many opportunities!

I’m here to demonstrate you can change your life situation by embracing the internet.

As a young 64, I understand what seniors are experiencing this time in their lives. Many are online trying to find that “thing” that will bring financial peace of mind. It can happen. But if you’re reading something, or someone is telling you you’ll make money online overnight – it’s a lie.

There are MANY opportunities to earn income – Fiverr, Ebay, eBooks, Affiliate Marketing, Creating your own products, Reaching … so many.

Here’s one opportunity I’d like you to think about if you’re a blogger.

I’m the CEO/Owner of the  “Power Affiliate Club“, a blogging community on Facebook. We also have our own community blog. We help members brand themselves and promote their opportunities. We also educate people who are new to blogging – teaching them the right way to go about it. And these are learning skills in engagement, creating content, maintaining a blog , traffic generation, and lots more.

Why am I telling you this? Because you can start earning money with me. That’s right.


By becoming a blogger, or maybe you already have a blog and if you write articles for PAC, you get paid.

Here’s why this is important –

There’s over 3 million blog posts written daily! How many of those posts do you think people actually see? It’s competitive for sure. But if a blogger, newbie or seasoned, wants to be “seen” then writing for an organization or a community blog can set one apart from other struggling bloggers.

However, some organizations are picky or want you to have a certain amount of social proof, experience, to prove you’re a credible blogger.

I believe in giving new and seasoned bloggers an opportunity to:

  • earn money
  • build a following
  • gain blogging experience
  • increase online visibility
  • position themselves as credible
  • bolster confidence
  • improve writing skills
  • feel proud

If you’re new to blogging,  a young or seasoned person, no worries, I can show you the best practices for blogging.

Also, if you’re just starting out, view my “Toolbox”, programs I use and recommend to get you going without having to search for them, or waste time and money.

You can reach-out to me on Facebook or Linkedin

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