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So let’s celebrate starting here and the art of reinventing ones self .

You and I are always reinventing our lives in one form or another, right? Here’s my journey, briefly – at the age of 65.

It’s been a long journey filled with pockets of personal reinvention from artist to Art Gallery Owner. To losing my eyesight to marriage and being a mom. To restarting a career as an RN (Registered Nurse) to becoming an educator because I could no longer work clinically as an RN. To now, honoring what I have long suppressed – coming back to creating art as an “Empty Nester” – full circle.

So what does an Empty Nester do? Reinvent oneself and reclaim a part of life that was on hold.

I’ve been online since 1998! Hard to believe, I know. The internet saved me because my life changed drastically losing my eyesight. It gave me hope and the opportunity to connect with others in the online world.

So I grew-up with WordPress and blogging. I’ve had numerous websites (my very first one was a childbirth education site) focused on specific interests enough to make me CRAZY maintaining all of them! I now advocate having ONE website embracing all interests – which makes for a full story of who I am. Not to mention the reduced stress!

I’ve had numerous blog themes too, free and paid. Some good, a lot bad especially when it came to support.  Through my trial and error experience I only use one website theme company now – My Theme Shop. They offer a variety of themes and the support is excellent.

For 4 years I was CEO of an online blogging community . We had bloggers who wrote on a monthly basis and got paid. It was a great experience and taught me a lot about being an editor. But I left that experience to pursue personal creative interests like creating ebooks, showing others how to make them , copy-writing, and creating my own graphics. That’s where the “Artistic Affiliate” comes in. My new “Art Gallery” is online.

So. Look around and if you’d like to just reach out and contact me
please do!

Topics you’ll find here:

  • health
  • meditation (I call it “Unravel”)
  • affiliate marketing
  • blogging
  • Blog design
  • training
  • product reviews
  • funnel building
  • childbirth education (I’ve been teaching CBE for over 20 years so there’s a segment just for this)

Lesly Federici