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I think there’s an ART to creating a blog and business online. My “Studio” is what I do online , how I do it, and the tools I use – the paint and brushes.

Marketing is all about promoting your business, getting the word out to the general public, and if you’re online – the world. So, you need a plan and methods to accomplish this.

Years ago I owned an art gallery. I loved it. I created the PR for it, the invitations, the reception. I promoted new artists and their work. There was no internet in 1988. So in the internet world, I don’t have a gallery per-say, but I do have the opportunity to help others create, perhaps you, design visuals: ebooks, landing pages, etc. to enhance the message, and point you to the tools to create it. I like finding  “tools” that offer a creative edge to the blog. Anything to make it different – unique from other blogs. As I mentioned, there’s an art to being online.

Less is more

Having a clutter free, clean, interesting blog will go far compared to a jam packed blog with ADs, images … sucking up every white space on the website. Where there’s no room to visually breathe. It takes some planning, organizing, and testing. Blogs are always a work in progress.

So when it comes to marketing your message, it needs to be clean, creative, and inviting. Images, ebooks,  and video are at the top of the list for promotions.

But the process of doing so, creating  a plan to promote your message can be overwhelming just because there are so many ways, methods, and choices to do it with.

Yet everything you choose to promote your business with will require at some point – visuals. A website, Ads, newsletters, magazines, social media posts, ebooks  .. all require visual “tools”, images, digital presentations that generate interest in your potential customers.

The tools I use for my blog are:

  • Video Maker FX  – video clops (My FAVORITE)
  • Storymate – Instagram Story Creator
  • Instabuilder – Funnel and landing page creator (a must have)
  • Camtasia – video editor
  • Learn Press – Education plugin
  • WP Shortcode Pro – Fantastic selection of short codes to add interest to blog
  • Rank Math – SEO
  • My Theme Shop – Blog themes and plugins
  • CForm Builder – Forms
  • WP in Post Ads – AD insertion in posts
  • Canva – Graphic creator
  • Picmonkey – Graphic creator
  • Sqribble – Ebook , flip book (see below), and cover creator
  • Video Blocks – library of royalty free videos

Your blog is your home online. Design it well.

Welcome to my studio! I’m here to help you if you think you want some input.

I can help you with:

  • Ebook creation
  • Ebook covers
  • Digital Flip books (see sample below)
  • Website/blogging assistance
  • Video creation – intros/outros

Contact me for more information, alright?



Some of my artwork